Mozy vs. Carbonite: Pros & Cons

January 13, 2011

In our last Mozy vs. Carbonite post, we compared their respective plans and features. In this post, we’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mozy & Carbonite Pricing:

Starting with pricing, Mozy offers a monthly and annual plan starting at $4.95 and $54.95/year respectively. They’re currently running a January special that provides new users with 10% off the annual plan, plus 3 months free using this link and the promo code “January” (without the quotes). On the other hand, while Carbonite does not offer a monthly plan, their annual plan runs at $54.95/year, averaging less than $4.60/month.

To gain an unbiased perspective on their performance, we aggregated ratings from software review sites such as CNET and PCMag to provide you with collective ratings and reviews in one place.

MozyHome Reviews:

MozyHome ratings

Overall, everyone seemed to agree that Mozy was easy to use and a great bargain for unlimited storage. However, there were commonalities amongst the bad reviews. See the chart below for a full list of Mozy’s pros and cons.

Mozy Pros and Cons

I noticed a common gripe in reading the reviews. Some users complained about error messages appearing during their backup process that would prevent their files from being saved. For this, they had to contact Live Support to resolve the issue. I’ve also noticed complaints about Mozy’s restore feature taking longer than they would like.

Carbonite Reviews:

Carbonite ratings from PCMag and CNET

Carbonite also garnered good reviews in general although they were a little lower than Mozy. Note that number of votes vary, especially with PCMag which make it statistically insignificant. That said, it is preferred by people who want simplistic features.

Carbonite pros and cons

I saw a lot of users complain about the manual update feature with Carbonite. Apparently, while backups are automated you must choose the folders you want to include. This means if you add a new folder, you have to manually select it as part of the backup process otherwise it will not be saved. This information is on the site but it seemed to create confusion among users.

Questions or comments? We’re here to help you find the best backup services for your storage needs. Which backup plan will you choose?

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