Mozy vs. Carbonite

January 5, 2011

Mozy vs Carbonite

Without a doubt, Mozy and Carbonite are the most popular backup services available. Comparing them side-by-side, they almost look the same. However, there are fundamental differences we’ll break down in this post.

Starting with the free trials, you’ll notice in the chart below Mozy and Carbonite’s offers are almost inversely related.

Mozy vs Carbonite Free Trial

How can you decide? You can sign up for Mozy and Carbonite and take them for a test drive for a couple of weeks or you can choose by comparing the rest of their features.

First, filter the type of service you search for by making sure it’s compatible with your computer or laptop. Not everyone has a Mac solution and Linux backup services are even more rare.

Next, think of why you need a backup service. Are you a student? Are you a freelancer and you have important work files you don’t want to lose? Are you a parent and are afraid of losing your valuable family photos?

Finally, make a list or use the table below to check off the features you’ll want based on your needs. For example, if you’re a student you’ll probably want a service that has mobile access so you can retrieve files anytime. File versioning may be important to students as well in case their computers crash and they lose the file they were working on. Freelancers will want to make sure a business plan is available, the backup service is secure and there is adequate storage available. For parents, features such as file sharing and mobile access may be most valuable to them.

Let’s take a look at how Mozy vs. Carbonite features compare:

Mozy vs Carbonite

What is the best backup service for you? Mozy or Carbonite?

Note: Mozy is currently offering a January promotion. Click on this link and use the promo code January to receive 10% off the annual plan, plus 3 months free.

To compare other backup services, click “Compare” or “Backup Providers” above.

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