What is the best MAC Backup Service?

February 4, 2012

Having a Mac Backup Service is essential to anyone using a Mac. Having to back up the data inside a Mac computer is important to enable access to the files that may be important to anyone whenever they decide to reformat their Mac; or if an accident or a disaster unfortunately erases it. There have been a lot of versions of the Mac OS that already have built-in backup utilities for Mac computers called the Time Machine. The Mac’s backup utility allows its owner to backup files and data through the AirPort networking of Apple allowing its users to back up using an attached device for network storage or to a server without the trouble of manually configuring options on the Mac’s terminal. This is the offline backup service available for Mac computers.

A setback that may occur while using the Mac’s Time Machine is when a power surge happens and destroys backup files making it useless. On the other hand, companies have developed a software program that enables Mac users to save their data online. Aside from a Mac computer’s built-in backup utility, there are other Mac Backup Services for Mac computers. The only question is what is the best Mac Backup Service? A number of these services are easy and simple to use. Users just need to purchase, download, and install them in their Mac computers and backing up data will be done through the internet using any available Mac Backup Service. Any accidents that may happen to a Mac computer inside a home or an office will not affect backup data since the said data is stored online.

The Carbonite Home Mac Backup Service stores settings, documents, music, photos, videos, and emails. The amount of files or data that a user can backup is unlimited but after storing the first 200GB of files, storing or backup speed slows down. Carbonite Mac Backup Service is secure since it uses encryption in the process of transferring your files like the ones used in online banking. How can files be returned back to its owner? Carbonite Mac Backup Service has a restore manager that will easily guide users in the process on how to restore the files whenever or wherever. The Carbonite Home Mac Backup Service only costs $59 per computer per year.

The Mozy Mac Backup Service stores the usual files and data like documents, photos, videos, music, and anything that can be found on a Mac computer. Though programs can also be saved, it is more complicated than the normal files. Its online backup service is easy and has a file synchronization system. You can access your Mozy’s Mac Backup Service online with your computer or with the Mozy mobile application. Mozy’s Mac Backup Service is secure since users are given the option of selecting the encryption method that will be used for your transfer with either a 448-bit Blowfish encryption or a 256-bit AES encryption. The stored data is encrypted in their data center that is always monitored and secured. Mozy’s Mac Backup Service costs $5 per computer per month with a backup size of 50GB. Whatever Mac Backup Service you decide to use, just be certain that all of the benefits they offer are the ones you are willing to spend for.

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